Canines language Pee Sheet High Absorbent- 25pcs x 600x900mm

Canines' language Pee Sheet High Absorbent- 25pcs x (600x900mm)

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Canines' Language Pee Sheet absorb and turns urine into gel very quickly to prevent spills and maintaining a dry surface to prevent tracking. Water proof PE film at the bottom layer prevents leakage and staining to your floor. 5 Layers: 1) Dry Layer - Ultra soft surface that provide gentle protection - Checkered design prevent the spreading of liquid waste - Enhancement of up to 3 times breathability 2) Water Absorption Layer - Rapid absorption of liquid 3) Pulp Layer - 100% natural wood pulp. - Capable absorbing & holding large volume of water - High lvl of SAP provide rapid combination of liquid into crystal jelly 4) Deodorisation Layer - Anti Bacterial - Rapidly & effectively remove odour 5) Waterproof Layer - High quality polyethylene material - Durable, does not tear or break easily even when wet