Felines Language -10L Bundle set of 6 Bags

Felines' Language -10L ***Bundle set of 6 Bags***

SGD 35.00SGD 48.00

*****Special Pricing for a bundle of 6 bags and kindly do let us know which flavor you want upon checking out, thanks.***** Flavor >>> Lavender >>>Apple >>>Lemon Feline's Language Cat Litter uses premium quality raw material that react and forms clump immediately when wetted. It is environmentally friendly and the best choice for your cats. ***Felines' Language Cat Litter rapid reaction form clump instantly when wetted. ***Felines' Language superb absorption capabilities bind bacteria and odour naturally ***Felines' Language ball shaped and low dust texture does not stick to fur and paws ***Felines' Language is natural, environmentally safe that contains no harmful substances or fibres