Felines Language Natural Pine Cat Litter 25KG

Felines' Language Natural Pine Cat Litter 15KG

SGD 22.00SGD 32.00

Feline's Language Natural Pine Cat Litter is 100% natural. It contains NO chemicals. It is safe for your pet, safe for the owner and safe for the environment. Felines' language Natural Pine Cat Litter naturally absorbs and neutralises odours faster. Pellets that are wet will turn into sawdust, they are biodegradable and can then serve as a good source of fertilizer for your garden. Pellets that have turned to sawdust will fall to the bottom of the litter tray. The litter tray can be easily cleaned as the sawdust will not stick to it. • 100% Natural • Absorbs Faster • Chemical Free • No Tracking • Safer & Healthier • No Dust • Neutralizes Odor Naturally