Sumo Premium Cat Litter - 10L ***1 Bag***

SGD 7.00

Sumo Cat® Premium Cat Litter is using ball shape to avoid sticking on paws and fur. It absorptive power ensure that the liquid waste will be absorbed immediately to form clumps and not a droplet will pass through to the bottom of the tray, please ensure that litter tray is filled at least to a height of 5cm. Economical, as only clumps are needed to be scoop away and the remaining cat litter stay fresh and useable. Advantages: 1. 100% Natural Bentonic 2. No Chemicals Added 3. Remove Odour 4. Economy 5. Clump Rapidly 6. High Absorption Rate 7. Anti Bacterial & Anti Mold 8. Safe To Both Pets & Owners